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  1. Express yourself - Variables and values

    by Aaron Job.

    Values, constants, variables, operators, objects and functions are, in my mind the most basic building blocks of a modern computer program, and like many other terms in computing, they are borrowed from mathematics. Over the next few posts let's have a look at each one and try and understand them.…

  2. You are the Computer

    by Aaron Job.

    Once upon a time, the noun Computer did not refer to the magical machine sitting on my desk, in fact, I would have been the Computer. in early 1600, the word computer first appeared in a book by English writer Richard Braithwait "The yong mans gleanings". In the first section…

  3. Gravypower Rebooted

    by Aaron Job.

    The last post made on this blog was back in 2015 when I was still living in Belfast since then a lot has changed. My partner and I moved back to Australia, we adopted two west highland terriers (Fergus and Fiadh), got married, and welcomed a baby boy into the…