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  1. Express yourself - Variables and values

    by Aaron Job.

    Values, constants, variables, operators, objects and functions are, in my mind the most basic building blocks of a modern computer program, and like many other terms in computing, they are borrowed from mathematics. Over the next few posts let's have a look at each one and try and understand them.…

  2. The newbie

    by Shannon Emerson.

    Hello All, I would like to thank Aaron for bringing myself on board. Being able to offer you years of experience like Aaron I cannot. While this June I will have been working in IT for 10 years. I have had no formal training and am completely self-taught. My thoughts…

  3. Gravypower Rebooted

    by Aaron Job.

    The last post made on this blog was back in 2015 when I was still living in Belfast since then a lot has changed. My partner and I moved back to Australia, we adopted two west highland terriers (Fergus and Fiadh), got married, and welcomed a baby boy into the…