It all started at age 10 with an Amstrad 80386SX and a book. That book Computer Space-games made no sense to that 10 year old but it kicked started an obsession with programing. As time went on BASIC was not enough and the leap was made to an object oriented language in VB.NET, by the end of High School Java was the weapon of choice. Those Java skills transitioned nicely to a Bachelor of Computer Science at Latrobe University Bendigo.

Upon completing the above mentioned undergraduate degree and entering the workforce C# was now the GOTO Language. This was the case for many years, projects, and positions here in Australia and the UK. An expected new addition to the family prompted a move back to Bendigo and a change of language, now PHP, JavaScript, CSS and html is how my hands get dirty.

This blog is about programing mainly C#, but there will be adventures into other wonderful lands from time to time.