Monash University MAC Presentation

Monash University MAC Presentation

I gave this talk to the Monash association of coding.

Here are the questions that were raised and my attempt to give a good answer:

What are your thought on the rise of non OO languages such as python and JavaScript?

It comes down to making sure you can write code that is maintainable. Python for example could be best placed for some ML pieces of work and JavaScript can arguably be object oriented ;) Always think about the next person who will be looking at your code, can it be maintained? Will they understand it? Do I need pages and pages of comments to explain what is going on in my code?

What is the prevalence of other programming paradigms such as Functional oriented or Logic oriented

Its about the correct tool for the job and what the client wants. I mainly work in Sitecore but we use things like Step Functions to meet requirements.  You don't always have a choice what paradigm you will use, you are often locked in due to legacy code or the platform, Sitecore for-example is OO.

Aaron, do you have any recommended coding meetups that you have been involved in?