JuniorDev Code & Tell - Tech Talk Night

JuniorDev Code & Tell - Tech Talk Night

On the 20 of February 2019 I gave a presentation at the JuniorDev Meetup. Even though I have given this presentation a few times before both internal to my peers at work and at a Sitecore Meetup I was quite nervous. I wanted to post a video of the presentation here along with some photos I have form the night and a link to the deck.

A video of my final run through before the JuniorDev Presentation 

On reflection I think I was changing things about my presentation to close to the night and got my self mixed up; this coupled with being a little nervous I feel that I missed some of the key points I wanted to get across, but all in all the feedback I have received has been positive.

One other thing I will do next time is have a note pad with me so I can note the questions that I was asked. I feel that following up with a blog article will be useful for me to reflect on the presentation and also give a home to provide a more thoughtful response to an questions put to me on the night. If you where there(or even if you were not) and you would like me to answer any questions you may have just leave a comment below.

A shout-out to:

David, taliii, Alex Rogers, and Stefan for support on the night.
Dilip, Daniel, Matt, and Cam for feedback helping me make the presentation into what it was.
Michael for allowing me to use some of his pictures form the event.
Finally to David and the other Junior Dev organisers for giving me the opportunity in the first place.

Onto the next presentation.