Sellable Item why are you so null?

Sellable Item why are you so null?

I recently followed the steps set out in the Sitecore Commerce Developer's Guide to add additional properties to the sellable item, this was achieved by adding another property to the products in commerce server and then another step to the IGetSellableItemPipeline in commerce engine to hydrate a new Component. See page 85 of the Developer's Guide 8.2.1 to see what I originally followed.

The name I originally chose for the new property was bollocks and did not convey my intent, so I decided to update it to be more meaningful. Here are the steps I ended up taking to achieve this as it was not as simple as I first imagined.

Fire up "Commerce Server Catalog and Inventory Schema Manager"

  1. Removed the badly named property from all the product definitions.
  2. Delete the badly named Property Definition.
  3. Create a new meaningful name Property Definition
  4. Update your engine code to reflect this change
  5. Build and deploy the engine code
  6. Rebuild the proxy project

My issue was that the badly name property was hanging around and I could not work out why every time I regenerated the proxy code that property was there. Turned out I missed a VERY important step and had not deployed the name update, so calls to the Metadata API still had reference to it.