Hello All,

I would like to thank Aaron for bringing myself on board.

Being able to offer you years of experience like Aaron I cannot.
While this June I will have been working in IT for 10 years. I have had no formal training and am completely self-taught.

My thoughts and ideas will be presented here are from the view not of that as an experienced programmer like Aaron but as a someone starting from the beginning.

My programming journey started on the 17th May 2017. On this date, I have begun my first online course on the Unity game engine.
This is was my very first time opening and programming in Visual Studio.
Any programming I have done in the past has been limited to .bat and .vbs scripting in my role as a Windows System Administrator.
So I am now learning C# as my very first programming language.

I intend to not only present my thoughts and struggles as I come to grips with C# but also at times additional ideas brought on by Aaron's insights and experience.

I hope you enjoy my contribution and let me know of any questions you have or mistakes I have made :)