To check in dependencies or not to check in dependencies

I have been playing around in the world of Drupal and Front End development for the last few months and have come across a topic of discussion that I thought I had heard the last of. Check in dependencies or not? This is something that I have thought about a ... Read more »

Debugging Aegir issues

I found that debugging Aegir issues was a lot easier if you executed the Drush commands directly. You can find the command by looking through the Log Messages keeping an eye out for entries like Backend invoke: /usr/bin/php -d magic_quotes_gpc=Off -d magic_quotes_runti... (Expand ... Read more »

Unit Tetsing and Sitecore

I am a big advocate of TDD and would love to see interfaces on all of the Sitecore types, this is a big ask to the product team as they have new a wonderful features to work on. There are a few methods that help you Test Drive your application ... Read more »

Heartbleed and Password Safes


Image cair of XKCD After reading about the Heartbleed bug last Monday I felt it was time to stop putting off swapping to a password safe. A password safe is a database that generates and stores passwords, allowing you to look them up when you want to log in somewhere ... Read more »

Ncrunch, SharePoint and Microsoft Fakes

For the past month I have been working with SharePoint and also neglecting to blog. Today I stop that neglect to share something about TDD and SharePoint. I use a product call NCrunch, a wonderful test runner with a difference, it runs tests continuously. The power really shows when you ... Read more »

Abstract Factories, shaken not stirred.

The abstract factory is one of the Gang of Four creational patterns and as the name implies it is concerned with the abstraction of creating. The factory part of this pattern can be very useful if an object is created in many places throughout your code. It helps you to ... Read more »